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Jumpcraft Staff are players who have elevated permissions to perform certain appointed tasks on the server. Staff are composed of Admins, SrModerators, Moderators and Builders.

Admins, SrModerators, and Moderators possess police-like abilities to enforce the rules of Jumpcraft and regulate daily activity. Players are able to apply for a starting Trial Moderator position on the Jumpcraft forums, and must await approval to be promoted. No official requirements are required for promotion, but typically a Trial Moderator/Moderator must demonstrate his or her competence in staffing the server before being promoted.

Players are promoted to Builder by demonstrating exceptional building skills on the server, typically by creating courses in creative or in single-player, or most recently winning building competitions. They receive limited World-edit and access to the Builders' World, a flatland with unlimited building space.

Staff are typically distinguished by their respective tags in the chat.

A display of all staff's and former staff's heads (excluding Builders), as of October 21, 2017. Photo courtesy of minicreeper59.

Staff List


Name Dates of Promotion

Senior Moderators

Name Dates of Promotion
Ziody June 24, 2019: T-Mod

November 10, 2019: Mod

January 3, 2021: Sr Mod


Name Dates of Promotion
RileyTheEgg July 29, 2019: T-Mod

March 23, 2020: Mod

Kinshoop November 30, 2020: T-Mod

October 14, 2021 : Mod

Trial Moderators

Name Date of Promotion
recc_ December 6, 2020: T-Mod
RoadRunnerPk February 17, 2019: T-Mod

November 10, 2019: Mod

March 24, 2021: T-Mod...again!


Name Date of Promotion
Zohmaaa May 21, 2017

Former Staff

Name Former Status Dates of Promotion Reason Date of Discharge/Leaving
Sporcle Sr Mod June 24, 2018: T-Mod

September 8, 2018: Mod

November 9/10, 2019: Sr Mod

Resigned November 11, 2020
minicreeper59 Admin and Builder December, 2016: T-Mod

January, 2017: Mod August, 2017: Builder

March, 2018: Admin

Resigned June 5, 2020
thebananafarmer Mod March 22, 2018: T-Mod

September 8, 2018: Mod

Resigned May 19, 2019
TheDarkCreeperMC Mod July, 2017: T-Mod

Jan 11, 2018: Mod

Resigned May 5, 2018
crazy4pokemon Mod and Builder July 13, 2016: T-Mod

August, 2016: Mod

August, 2017: Builder

Revoked March 21, 2018
Mollyt116 T-Mod November 2016: T-Mod Resigned January 7, 2018
JackPMC Mod October 13, 2017: Mod Resigned January 3, 2018
Pohenrymon Builder Revoked October 20, 2017
Snowbound_ Mod December, 2016: T-Mod Resigned October 13, 2017
Zpicy Builder October 2017 Revoked
Porfe Mod August 19, 2016: T-Mod

February, 2017: Mod

Resigned August 28, 2017
Tipster123 T-Mod Revoked
jasmine476 Mod September, 2016: Mod Revoked October 6, 2016
Dark_Tulip (Formerly lladyrose) T-Mod September, 2016: T-Mod Revoked
EnderFlare T-Mod September, 2016: T-Mod Revoked September, 2016
Silverlitten T-Mod September, 2016: T-Mod Revoked September, 2016
MrFerf Mod and Builder Resigned August 12, 2016
builder85561 Chat Mod
Xirah Mod
Mira811 Chat Mod Revoked


Rank Builder Trial Moderator Moderator Sr. Moderator Admin
WorldEdit 10,000 blocks
Builders World

Server Perms


Main Server

Creative Mode
Shadow Mute
Mute 1 day Perm Perm Perm
Jail 7 days Perm Perm Perm
Ban 7 days Perm Perm Perm

Note: Not 100% approved, may differ.


  • Staff used to have Chat Stars indicating their staff position appearing next to their names when they sent messages. They were, however, removed as new Staff Tags released in early 2017 rendered them obsolete.
  • Prior to an update, people could not comment on others' staff applications on the forums.
  • There was no way to distinguish a chat mod from a normal player before the role was removed from Jumpcraft.
  • minicreeper59 holds the record for the fastest promotion from T-Mod to Mod, taking him approximately one month.
    • minicreeper59 is also considered the first ever player to be promoted to the rank of Admin.
  • Sporcle and Ziody are the only two players to ever achieve the rank of SrMod, as minicreeper59 skipped this rank.
  • Zohmaaa is the first player to receive Builder for winning a building competition.
  • Mrferf is the first player to have been Mod and Builder, with crazy4pokemon and minicreeper59 coming after him.