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Willow is an Easy course in Sky Parkour that gives 100 coins, and 1 skill point, when completed. The creator is hellosarina, the owner, meaning it was one of the very first Sky Parkour courses on the server. It can be accessed by browsing the Easy section of the Sky Parkour menu, /records, or with /join Willow.

The ending area of Willow


The islands include a contrast of stone blocks in the bottom with iron ore and coal ore included. Grass blocks held by cobblestone walls and fences are used as parkour, with ladders included. The course mostly consists of 3 block jumps, to be suited for beginners. When teleporting Sky Parkour, it is the first course one would see, with Balloons behind it.


  • Willow is the fourth shortest course in Sky Parkour, with only Nameless, Skygrid and Flowers being shorter.
  • There was a cake in this course in the first Cake Quest, which was discontinued for the second Cake Quest.