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Nameless is an Extreme course in Sky Parkour that gives 1,000 parcoins when completed. The creator is not listed, but it is told that Kyroh created the course and gave the owner, hellosarina, all the credit. It can be accessed by browsing the Extreme section of the Sky Parkour menu, or with /join Nameless.


The beginning of Nameless

The course consists of nether bricks, netherrack, glowstone, redstone lamps, and red stained clay, with no particular theme. Although it is a short course, the jumps are advanced and are difficult for many players on this server, explaining why not many people were able to beat Nameless. Players who were able to legitimately beat Nameless so far include Pentarix, Snowbound_, Pickle_Panther, lolipo132, crazy4pokemon, Quoc6o4, and Kyroh.. The best time achieved is by Pentarix, in 47.11 seconds (the old one was around 30 seconds by Kyroh.)

The ending area of Nameless

It is considered one of the hardest courses on the server because of the requirement to be able to do a variety of advanced jumps in a row, which includes a 3 block ceiling headhitter block to ladder neup, 4.5, and triple neo. However, since it is a Sky Parkour course, it is still possible without speed. No evidence of anyone completing Nameless without speed has been shown. Evidence of Pentarix [Starris] beating Nameless can be found here.


  • Nameless is the shortest course in Sky Parkour besides Skygrid, with only 21 jumps required to beat it.
  • Nameless is one of the most popular courses on the server, known for being an extreme difficult Extreme
  • Nameless is used as a running joke to express it as being rather easy and a "beginner's course"
  • Kyroh didn't want to take the credit for completing the course, so he made it seem like Sarina created the course