Jumpcraft Wiki

Sky parkour is one of the most popular gamemodes on Jumpcraft; it allows you to play different player-created courses, each with their own difficulty and theme. There are over 400 unique courses to play. New maps are always being built by players on the server; new maps are usually added every week by the owner, hellosarina. These maps can range from easy to extreme in difficulty, and the harder the difficulty, the higher the reward. Sky parkour can be accessed through the nether star, the /join command, or with the command /lobby parkour.

Record Setting

In sky parkour, you can compete with your fellow parkourers by attempting to beat the Jumpcraft record for a certain map. The system requires you to step on the pressure plate at the beginning of the course and make it to the end of the course, where there is another pressure plate, in the fastest time possible. This is a way to play sky parkour competitively, an alternative to ranking up (see "Ranking Up"). You can see your record and the Jumpcraft record by right-clicking the sign to the right of the starting pressure plate.

Cooperative Maps

Cooperative maps, also known as co-op maps, are courses in which you and one or several friends can play with each other on one course cooperatively. Some co-op maps include "PistonCoop," "RunnerCoop," and "Teamwork."