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Skill is the token-shaped icon that a player will obtain upon completion of a sky course. Easy courses will reward 1-2 skill (depending on corresponding length/coin reward); medium courses 3-4; hard courses 4; and extreme courses 8.

During the month of June (double rewards month), the skill gain for sky courses is doubled along with drop parties, coins, and votes.

An example of a player obtaining skill points from completing a sky parkour course.


/token bal is used to view one's own skill points.

/token top shows the lifetime leaderboard, which refreshes every 10 minutes.

/topskill displays the leaderboard for the current month.


Players have the potential to earn rewards each month based on their position on /topskill. The rewards are as follows:

Place Reward
1st 250,000 coins + LEGEND tag (see below)
2nd 100,000 coins
3rd 50,000 coins
4th 25,000 coins
5th 10,000 coins

An example of a player wearing the LEGEND tag.

Skill Levels

See Skill Levels.


  • /token top was reset in May 2018 to fix a bug in which certain players, after completing sufficient sky courses to appear on /topskill, were not appearing on /topskill.
  • The three players to reach the milestone of 10,000 total skill on /token top were, in order, SirDiamond_, luckylukecraft, and Savster123. Sporcle only needed around 62 more skill before reaching 10,000; unfortunately, it was reset just before he could do so.
    • Since then, the three players Jxson, Perpollo and RileyTheEgg accumulated a total of 10,000 skill points each again.
  • Several people gained the LEGEND tag already, including:
    • Jaabus, Jxson, luckylukecraft, Perpollo, RileyTheEgg, Savster123, SirDiamond_, Sporcle and TheDarkCreeperMC.