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Leveling is the process by which players increase their level through the use of coins. Leveling should not be confused with ranking up or skill level. To level up, players must use the command /levelup, expending a certain amount of coins relative to their level to increase their level by one, or alternatively earn level rewards in deluxe crates. As players increase their level, they unlock new perks and rewards along the way. Changing one's Minecraft name will result in the player's level being reset to zero.


/level displays one's current level. /level <player name> displays a certain player's level.

/levelup allows one to gain one level at the expense of 1000*[current level] coins. For example, it costs 1000 coins to level up from 1 to 2, 2000 for 2 to 3, and so on.

/leaderboard displays the top 10 players with the highest levels.

/redeem displays the levels at which certain perks can be unlocked, and redeems prizes one is eligible for.

Leaderboard as of June 22, 2017.

Rewards and Costs

Players start at Level 0, and may increase their level to unlock the following list of rewards:

Level Reward Cost From Level 0 Cost Difference From Previous Reward
10 Wither Skeleton Disguise 45,000 N/A
20 Access to the course Lv20 190,000 145,000
30 Access to Snake Game 435,000 245,000
50 Access to Dino Run game 1,225,000 790,000
101 Cyan Chat Color and Cyan Chat Star 5,050,000 3,825,000
150 Bold Chat Name 11,175,000 6,125,000
200 Level 200 Tag 19,900,000 8,725,000
250 Access to all chat colors, ability to write multicolored within one sentence. 31,125,000 11,225,000
300 Light Red Chat Star 44,850,000 13,725,000
400 N/A 79,800,000 34,950,000
500 N/A 124,750,000 44,950,000


The minimum amount of coins C to obtain level L2 starting from level L1 is given by:


The previous equation can be rewritten as:


Maximum level L2 one can reach with C coins starting from level L1 is given by:


Note: ⌊x⌋, known as the floor function, denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to x.


The Leveling system made its debut on July 24, 2016. Since then, several people have obtained Level 101, with XplodingDreams making the start. Jxson, Kyroh, minicreeper59, Perpollo, Redender64, RileyTheEgg, RoadrunnerPk, Savster123, Sporcle, YouAreRexist, and Zpicy (listed in alphabetical order) currently are the only nine people to have reached level 150. Jxson, minicreeper59, Sporcle, Ziody, and Redender64 are the only five people to have reached Level 200, former also reaching 300, and Jxson has claimed the highest level on the server. To accumulate such massive amounts of coins, these players have done many crazy things including but not limited to buying others donator ranks in exchange for in-game coins, and afking to collect money from drop parties.


  • The cyan color of the chat color and star was suggested by Porfe.
  • The Bold Chat Name is color-customizeable, but is monochromatic.
  • Although one's level gets reset to zero upon a name change, his or her place on /leaderboard is still reserved, belonging to the previous name.
  • Some rewards, such as the cyan chat color, have to be redeemed through Sarina.
  • Jxson, upon his unban in October, 2017, had his level reset to 0 from 250. However, he has since then reached level 355, spending around $2000 USD to buy many players ranks and other purchases.
  • With the release of the Deluxe Crate, people were able to level up by 5 or 10 levels without the need of spending the money required.