Jumpcraft Wiki

JCGames is a set of different games on Jumpcraft. A few come free, but some you need to buy with ingame money. There are two types of JCGames, one being parkour, the other being GUI.

Parkour JCGames:

The original JCGames is a parkour game. Above the spawn, you get a certain colored block, either stained clay, glass, or wool. You can get many different rewards from this, such as ingame money, speed for sky parkour or spawn parkour, and Jumper/Jumper+ tag.

Level Reward         
Level 20 1 Speed Potion
Level 50

Level 75

1 Speed Potion

500 coins

Level 100 2500 and a speed potion
Level 500 5 Speed Potions + 5000 or 2500 Coins
Level 1000 Jumper Tag
Level 2500

Jumper+ Tag

GUI JCGames:

GUI JCGames are games that can be played anywhere, including rankups. Some games are accessed through rankups, some through /levelup, some through crates, and some with /shop. There are two types of games, GUI Games and Shop games, although both use a chest GUI.

Shop games are bought with ingame money through /shop. Cake Clicker can be bought for 50k(50,000) coins, aswell as Gem Crush. Cake Clicker is like cookie clicker. It includes 5 automatic upgrades, and 5 clicking upgrades. It is accessed through /cc. The leaderboard is broken, so even if you should be on it, you arent. Not much is known about Gem Crush, as it is broken, but it is most likely like the mobile gem crush games. Gem crush is accessed through /gc.

GUI games are accessed through /games, and are accessed in a few ways. They contain the majority of JCGames. It contains 22 games, although not all are accessable. There are currently 15 accessable games. When you enter the /games menu, it clears your inventory while you are in the menu. Once you leave a game or the menu, your items return.

Game How To Access
Gap Jump Rank V
Dino Run Level 50
Diamond Collect Rank VII
2048 Rank VIII
Super 2048 Deluxe Crate 10% Chance
Whac A Mole Rank II
Apple Catch Rank IV
Flappy Bird Sapphire Crate 10% Chance
Match It Sapphire Crate, 10% Chance
Simon(Sarina) Says Rank X
Cave In Deluxe Crate, 10% Chance
Cookie Clicker Unavailable
Falling Blocks Rank IX
Snake Level 30
Speed Clicker Rank XI
The Quiz Unavailable
Drop Tower Unavailable
Over Under Unavailable
Name It Rank I
Basket Unavailable
Block Crush Unavailable
Dont Tap Unavailable
Spectate Any Game Level 200