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General Information

I is one of the first Rankup Courses to be added to Jumpcraft. It is widely regarded as the easiest of the rankups, and objectively the shortest. Many newcomers to Jumpcraft who have had any experience with Minecraft parkour before typically beat the course within a short amount of time of first attempting it, as it consists of straight forward jumps which do not require as accurate and precise ability in timing, strafing or angling, as does other rankups'.


Rankup I resembles islands with a spruce forest (and mushrooms). This is the first Rankup that is found in a dome, not a room.

Upon entering Rankup I, players are told to "parkour up the trees", meaning that they must "climb" or parkour up the trees to reach the rankup sign to rank up to II. Players may find the start across the bridge and toward their left of the spawnpoint. At the ground level, players encounter relatively simplistic jumps, primarily consisting of ~3-block jumps.

The Tree, placed near the centre of the map, must then be climbed in a spiral path.

Sky is the longest stretch of the map. It starts off with a few jumps leading from the tree to a corner of the map. From there, there are ladder towers. Afterwards, the player sometimes jumps on trees, but usually on 1*1 wooden platforms, sometimes with the assistance of ladders which make the jumps significantly easier that lead around the main island. The player then makes a few jumps onto the centre tree before completing a series of very straightforward jumps towards the rankup sign, which is located on the side above the start.

The final platform includes a short lecture on clicking on the rankup sign to progress to rank II.

Past Versions

  • Before MrFerf's 2016 revamp of Rankup I, the course maintained a much more simplistic pallet. Along with this came a 2016 Christmas redesign, which featured a frozen river, gifts, wreaths, and a giant nutcracker.
  • Before minicreeper59's 2018 revamp of Rankup I, the course looked like a spruce forest that was very short and simple.


  • As is expected from the easiest Rankup Course on the server, Rankup I is satirically labeled the hardest course on JC.
  • The articulate lecture at the end of the course was added after myriads of players could not figure out how to click the rankup sign properly.