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IV is the fourth Rankup Course on Jumpcraft. Along with III, it is one of the first levels that players tend to get stuck on for a while. It includes head hitters, tri-quad jumps, trapdoor parkour and ladders. The course is relatively short, but can vary from taking very long to an extended period of time. Most of the jumps can send you back all the way down to the start, or the middle. So, it relatively is hard.


Rankup IV resembles a castle with a drawbridge in the front. There are five main areas, Tower 1, Outdoor Rim, Tower 2, Slabs, and Middle. Then, there is also a side area, which is Tower.

The front part shows a drawbridge, leading to the middle, however it plays fun at you and you can't actually go into the middle without doing the outer parkour. The rooms are relatively easy, and you can do them pretty fast if you have a speed pot. First, you go to Tower 1, or room 1. This room has many jumps which require headhitter (hh) timing, which is a new skill that newer players may struggle with, and there is a shortcut when you go to the second level. Face the stair, and jump with hh timing. This section leads up to the Outdoor Rim.

The Outdoor Rim consists of tri-quad jumps, leading to Tower 2. Tower 2 is mainly composed of trapdoor jumps, which some people struggle with because they do not know how to jump on them or simply don't know the trick. One of the jumps you have to run and hit the trapdoor as you jump on it.

When you reach the top, you reach Slabs. This is basically a runner up for the Middle, and it mainly consists of 2/3bmm 4b jumps and one 1bmm 4b jump . It is recommended you take a speed pot to this section if you have extra. It is also very possible with the 2x1 sprint jam momentum strat. When you make the 360 around the middle, you find a door and that leads you to Middle.

2018-02-04 11.30.16.png

Lastly, Middle is the part where most people struggle at. It consists of ladders, head hitters, and more. If you fall, you must go up ladders and head back to the door where you were at, then repeat. After you finish the middle, you go inside the side area-- which is Tower. Failing Tower means you have to complete Middle all over again. It consists of fences, and ladders (mainly at the top). When you do reach the top, you go to Sky (which is not included as a side area because it is also a part of the tower). If you fail, depending on where you land you will have to restart either the whole entire thing, or middle. The second last jump is especially hard and a speed put is recommended. Picture above shows tower

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