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A drop party (DP) is an event in which every online player receives a random amount of coins ranging from 1 to 1000 every second. A single DP lasts for 7 seconds, meaning that players would receive 7 imbursements of coins.

DPs occur whenever players make any purchase through Jumpcraft's online shop. Through the online shop players may also purchase the 5X Drop Parties package, activating five simultaneous DPs on the server.

A player purchasing in large quantity the 5X Drop Parties package, activating a large amount of drop parties on the server.

Usage and Reception

The two primary reasons why players choose to purchase DPs is to accumulate more coins for in-game purchases, and/or to celebrate certain occasions. Players are allowed to purchase as many 5X Drop Parties packages as they desire, as long as the cumulative cost is below their spending limits. Being so, many players have purchased massive amounts of DPs in bulk, with some purchasing over 100 and even over 200.

Most players usually give a positive reception during DPs. However, there are and have been complaints that DPs, especially those purchased in bulk, have a negative impact on the server in terms of its economy and on new players. Arguments are usually brought up that excessive amounts of DPs devalues certain achievements on Jumpcraft, most notably ranking up. Many players, including new ones, purchase rankups using coins accumulated from DPs rather than ranking up by completing their respective rankup courses.

Costs and Equations

The 5X Drop Parties package costs $7.50 USD, but is subject to be lowered, typically to $5.00 USD, during occasional sales.

NOTE: These calculations are made assuming that each of the seven coin imbursements gained during one DP are independent of each other. However, this is likely not true considering that the minimum amount gained from one DP is, contrary to popular belief, 1000 coins, not 7.[1]

Minimum amount from one DP = 1000

Maximum amount from one DP = 7000

The average amount of coins (μ) gained from one DP is given by:

Dp eq 1.PNG

The standard deviation of coins (σ) gained from one DP is given by:

Dp eq 2.PNG


  • Due to the increasing amount of coins that were coming into the server, the costs to rank up from X to XI and XI to XII have been increased to 10 million and 25 million, respectively.
  • XplodingDreams was notably one of the first players to purchase DPs in mass to gain massive wealth, being the first person to reach 5 million coins and purchase level 101.
  • Since XplodingDreams, multiple other players, such as minicreeper59 or Kule, have also purchased over 100 DPs for various reasons.


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